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Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing


  Coming from a family of bakers, taking the last couple of years of “excess free-time” has been so much fun- not to mention that my family is always happy to taste test. Dating back to 1920s Scandinavia, cinnamon rolls have won the hearts of so many with its gooey […]

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars


  Most holidays always remind me that I’m horrible at gift-giving and would rather spend my day slaving over a stove than going to the mall for a gift. That’s how these cookie bars came along, me showing my appreciation for people through my passion- food! These cookie bars are […]

Collard Greens

Braised Collard Greens


  Growing up, cooking collard greens before the holidays or Sunday dinner always seemed like such a long process. My grandmother would create a small assembly line to pick the greens, wash away all of the sand, and small snails laying between the leaves and rinsing for cooking.  As I […]

Brunch it Up

Buttermilk and Vanilla Pancakes

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        I can always remember spending summers at my grandmother’s house every day during the summer. She cooked a full breakfast EVERY morning and watched her story while drinking tea. I aspire to wake up every morning and make a full breakfast before starting the day- but […]


Instapot Birria Tacos with consomme


    Finally! I’ve written my version of Birria Tacos- the newest star of taco lovers’ lives (lol). Birria is a Mexican stew served at most celebratory events. It traditionally consists of stewed meats, chiles, seasonings, and sometimes even fruit. The dish can be made with red meats such as […]

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Homestyle Creamy Macaroni


    I come from a family of southern women who love to cook so best believe, I am the biggest fan of a “custardy”, baked macaroni and cheese. Like the Southern-Style version on the blog that has reached 1.3k views! However, this recipe has become one of my favorite […]