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Wining in Traverse City, Part 1


*This is a paid post sponsored by Leelanau Wine Cellars. The blog post and all opinions are my own*

As I’ve grown as a foodie, I’ve also developed a love for wine. Luckily, living in Michigan makes it absolutely impossible to go anywhere without running across a wine bottle crafted only miles away from home. In May, I was able to contract my first collaboration with a local winery as a content creator. Leelanau Wine Cellars (LWC) is a Michigan owned and operated winery in Omena, Michigan with more than 40 years of satisfying wine lovers all throughout the Great Lakes Region. LWC distributes 200,000 cases of wine annually to restaurants and retail stores, including one of my absolute favorite bottles- Winter White, a chill sweet table wine. As a welcome gift, I was invited to spend a weekend in Omena to visit the team and tasting room. So I called up four of my close friends and creative sisters and we set out on our five hour road trip to Traverse City!


The start of our weekend began with a private tour of the facility where wine is tested, bottled, and packaged for distribution across the US. Gabe and Kimberly from the Marketing Team gave us a full tour including tasting of a Pinot Grigio that had not yet been ready for bottling, this was for “quality purposes” of course! 

While touring, we also had the chance to learn about Leelanau’s newest product- canned wine! These trendy and usually inexpensive wine cans allow for wine lovers to enjoy usually wine no matter the setting- unless you’re at work and driving because we drink responsibly around here. Canned wine is taking over the wine market- you can find Leelanau’s three featured cans of Winter White, Great Lakes Red Bubbly and Summer Sunset Rose Bubbly at your local Meijer and the LWC website. 

Did I mention that each can hold a half bottle of wine? Have I convinced you to try?

After our trip to the facility, we headed over to the fun part- Leelanau’s Tasting Room! The tasting room offers daily wine tasting year round of nearly 50 different wine choices.  Not to mention the beautiful view of the Grand Traverse Bay. The team at Leelanau Wine Cellars accommodated my sister-friends and I perfectly- we drank wine, learned about tasting wine properly, and as you can see – took plenty of pictures. And once you’ve become a little wine tipsy, there’s a cute restaurant with extremely good chicken wings! 

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite wine selections from the tasting room below.

Late Harvest Riesling
Spring Splendor
Tall Ship Bubbly Moscato
Winter White Peach Leelanau Wine
Winter White Peach Chill
Winter White Leelanau Wine
Winter White

Elle’s Wine Tasting Tips

As a learning foodie, it is my goal to share everything I’ve learned. I wanted to leave some gems from my recent wine studying. Here’s three elements of wine to studying during your next wine tasting experience. 
The Actual Taste: Is the wine sweet? Sour? If you’re really good like any wine lover or Sommelier- you can detect the grape type and climate.

The Texture: Your tongue can feel factors such as high alcohol percentages and ripeness. You can even detect the drying agent used in red wines. 

The Legnth: WIne tasting is experienced in three stages: the beginning, mid-palate (here you’re able to recognize grapes and fruits used to create the wine) and the finish. Pay attention to how fast or slow the taste of the wine lingers.




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