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Le Petit Dejeuner

Le Petit Dejeuner
6470 East Jefferson, Detroit, Michigan 48207
Detroit is full of rich French history, from local street names, French colonial history, to architectural history. Every once in a while, you’ll stumble across city classics like the one featured in this post including one of the most popular meals of the day- brunch!


It always amazes me when I meet millennials, like myself, who have never experienced a meal by themselves. Being in undergrad and living on my own, I would try my best to treat myself to dinner or breakfast at least once a month. Now that I’m back living in Detroit, working full time, and earning my white coat, I go to grab a decent meal alone multiple times a month. After therapy one Saturday, I had the chance to try a highly recommended, French-inspired brunch joint in Detroit. 
Le Petit Dejeuner is a black-owned restaurant located on East Jefferson (Islandview Community) specializing in creating the perfect brunch experience. The restaurant is owned by Detroit-native and owner-of-color Tina Motley. The unique restaurant offers family-style breakfast dishes to share with the number of people in your family, or if you’re like me, to create the perfect breakfast spread to try all of your favorites. LPD, also known as “The Breakfast” offers a great variety of delicious breakfast and brunch options such as crepes, creamy corn pancakes, waffles, customizable omelets, breakfast meats (they even have black bean sausage!), shrimp and grits, and of course we can’t forget chicken and waffles!

During my visit, I tried the chicken and waffles and shrimp and grits. I tend to judge brunch spots on these two dishes so I was definitely eager to try! I mean, shrimp and grits will literally make or break a brunch menu. The chicken wings were well seasoned and very crispy while the waffles reminded me of a thick batter your great-aunt from NOLA would whip up on a Sunday morning and your good sis was not mad at it! Did I mention the live jazz band sending me to heaven while I enjoyed the bustling guests as they enjoyed the company of loved ones and business partners? (Yes, I people watch for fun lmao) Hopefully, by now, we have all come to an agreement that I would never steer you in the wrong direction during our foodie journey. I would definitely recommend Le Petit Dejeuner.
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