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Homestyle Creamy Mac
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Homestyle Creamy Macaroni

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      I come from a family of southern women who love to cook so best believe, I am the biggest fan of a “custardy”, baked macaroni and cheese. Like the Southern-Style version on the blog that has reached 1.3k views! However, this recipe has become one of my […]

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Homemade Roasted Tomato Sauce


        I LOVE making spaghetti. During undergrad, I’d made the biggest pot of it and my pledge brothers and I would eat for days. As I decided to birth my home cook capabilities, I was interested in how in the world to get away from the jarred […]

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Brown Butter Scallop Linguine


  *This is a paid post sponsored by Bloomscape. The blog post and recipe are my own* Let me tell you… if cooking scallops perfectly intimidate you- you are not the only one. I’ve watched plenty of chefs get thrashed on Chopped and MasterChef for overcooking scallops during the searing […]

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Classic Beef Lasagna


As the chilly days roll in, I’m excited to post recipes that’ll warm your soul. This classic lasagna recipe is one that will definitely do so with the simplest recipe and easy to follow steps. In my opinion, there are a few areas that must be perfect in order to […]

Red Lobster Pasta Dupe
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Red Lobster Fettuccine Dupe


  Let’s be honest, jarred alfredo sauce should be a blast from the past in 2020. I’ve tried so many different ways to create alfredo sauce and all of them have such personalities of their own. Who in the hell thought to add cream cheese? You’re amazing, honestly. However, this […]

Garden Pasta Salad
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Summer Garden Pasta Salad


I think that one of the best dishes served at a summer picnic is the pasta salad- full of cuisine options and the recipes are limitless. I Like to go for more of an Italian flavor using any protein on hand like chicken, shrimp, or pepperoni with Italian cheeses and […]