Elle, the Foodie is a Detroit native and creative entrepreneur on her own terms. She is the Creative Director and Head Blogger for Millennial Meets Stove, a lifestyle blog teaching millennials how to prepare viral-worthy meals while managing multiple brands, earning degrees, and working towards personal and career goals. As a home cook, she also offers open and private hands-on cooking classes. To create experiences through interactive networking events, Elle, the Foodie also hosts mixers throughout Detroit and offers corporate catering. She is also the 2017 Winner of Detroit’s Best Home Cook hosted by Stories From Detroit
During her junior year of college, Elle, the Foodie discovered her passion for cooking after recovering from an intense panic attack. This passion also fuels her corporate life as a health professional. She aims to create access to health care in medically underserved communities and build inclusivity in healthcare professions across Michigan. In her spare time, Elle, the Foodie mentors six non-profits and professional associations. She is the founder of a non-profit organization with a mission of closing the gap between female representation in leadership positions.